About Us

By Swazi
  • “Motorbikes is my passion, so when I set out to establish Swazi Cowboyz in Germany, my desire was to find new and innovative products.

    When I’m at the races I always see everyone using the same products on their bikes. People might say “well, that’s because those things work”. The fact is that a lot of dealers all carry the same products because they all buy from the same distributor. In reality, there’s a lot of great products out there that never quite make it to German dealer shelves.

    Although Swazi Cowboyz is a fairly new company in Germany, we have over 25 years of motorcycle industry experience, which puts us in a unique position to find and offer our dealers fantastic new and innovative products.

    Please take a look through the website and think about offering your customers something different. I feel confident that your customers will enjoy using these new products as much as we enjoy providing them. I have personally race tested all of the products that you will find on this website and I have had great experiences with them!”

    - Sergio Vila Pouca