By Swazi

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Radiator Overflow Bottle Kit

Tired of refilling your rads after every ride?
Worried what coolant spills do to the environment?
The Ignition Overflow Bottle Kit takes care of it!


Features and Benefits

  • Mounts to frame or radiator
  • 60ml of coolant capacity
  • Reduces fluid loss with in/out fluid exchange
  • Overflow spout
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Helps protect the environment

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Ignition Racing Hour meter

For both 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.


  • Electric clock monitors time while engine is running.
  • It starts counting as soon as it senses electrical pulses through the spark plug wire and automatically shuts off when the pulses stop.
  • The hour meter functions with all conventional ignition systems and is a great way to monitor service intervals.

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Cable Savers

Ignition’s Cable Saver is an innovative solution for cablesaverThumbnailpreventing and restoring sticky throttle and clutch cables. The Cable Saver maintains proper spacing for the cables and eliminates the possibility of twisting and kinking.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents sticky throttle and clutch cables
  • Restores the new cable feeling to your throttle or clutch
  • Prevents and corrects improper routing issues such as twisting or kinking
  • Available in Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green and White

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Carburetor Accessory Hose Kit

The Accessory Hose Kit replaces your vent hoses with quality silcone hose for a customized factory look


Features and Benefits

  • Available in blue, red, silver, yellow and orange
  • Silcone is resistant to heat, UV-rays, gas and oil, providing a long lasting quality product
  • Replaces stock and worn carburetor vent hoses
  • Customized factory look