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  Racing Products from Canada 

dB Dawg

The revolutionary DB Dawg noise reducer is a unique idea aimed at 4 stroke riders using tracks and riding areas which are under ever increasing noise restrictions. dB Dawgs…

dB Dawg Accessories

The Dawg Leash is an adaptable solution to tether any parts of your motorcycle. dB Dawg Accessories…

Cooling Kits

Adhesive material withstands temperatures up to 1000 ºC and allows for easy installation and customization Cooling Kits…

Ignition Racing Accessories

Tired of refilling your rads after every ride? Worried what coolant spills do to the environment? The Ignition Overflow Bottle Kit takes care of it! Accessories…

  Racing Products from USA 


TUbliss® offers a completely new riding experience. The era of conventional tubes has passed. TUbliss® completely replaces the conventional tube and thereby offers numerous advantages, that have convinced riders and improved lap times. TUbliss Website

TUbliss is a unique, creative tubeless system. TUbliss is NOT a Mousse!!!

  Racing Products from USA 


The Wolfsnout™ breather mask is an air filter designed and developed especially for off-road and ATV riders. The Wolfsnout™ prevents dust and mud from penetrating the nose and mouth.