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Get a Wolfsnout™!


The soft nose flap comfortably fits and seals under your nose and serves as a secondary filter for nose air. It’s very easy to breathe through. Since it fits under your nose it won’t pinch or put unwanted pressure on your nose or prevent your goggles from sealing.

wolfsnout_helmetSuper easy breathing and effectiveness

The NEW AND IMPROVED nose cut allows for a more comfortable fit and a better seal. Most of the dust and dirt tries to enter here. The nose piece foam extends below this point to act as a secondary filter.
The two main halves of the filter are turned perpendicular into the on coming air giving the effect of a much thicker piece of foam. Therefore filtering more dust and sand than an ordinary piece of 15mm thick foam normally would. This is how the Wolfsnout™ provides super easy breathing and exceptional effectiveness.

Comfort and convenience

A cord and a clip attach to your shirt or gear so when you stop, you odon’t have to worry about where to put it. No strings or straps to place around your head or to get tangled in your hair. The super light weight and special NEW AND IMPROVED FOR EVEN BETTER COMFORT built in rib combined with the spring like characteristics of the foam hold the filter gently secure between your chin guard and face and can be easily removed and replaced. The soft face seal comfortably seals the mask around the mouth and face. It’s also easily moved to the side, to allow for easy use of your hydration device.

Cool easy breathing

The dirt is shielded by the chin guard. This is why it’s able to be a single stage filter that allows for maximum air flow and effortless breathing even under the most demanding conditions.


Available in 7 team colours, Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow and Pink.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Wolfsnout™ brand personal air filter!

Whether you race competition or ride for fun, deserts or dunes, motocross or endurance, the Wolfsnout™ will make your ride more enjoyable on those dusty days! You don’t let your dirt bike or four wheeler breathe that junk, why should you?

Drinking with your Wolfsnout™ still in place

It’s very easy to drink from your hydration pack while still wearing the Wolfsnout™. Simply use the tip of the drinking tube to push the face seal over to the side while inserting the tip in your mouth. When your done drinking use the tip of the drinking tube to pull the face seal back into place. A little practice and this is very simple.

Modifying your Wolfsnout™ for riding with a drinking tube in your mouth

Using a pair of scissors make a small cut in the side of filter, even with the front side of the circle strut about 10mm wide. Insert the drinking tube into the hole and fit the Wolfsnout in the front of your helmet and adjust accordingly. If you do not cut the hole too large, the filter will seal around the tube. If you remove the tube it will not change the effectiveness of the filter and the hole will usually flex shut.., but your Wolfsnout™ may not last as long.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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